What Happened to My Digestive System When I Went Vegan + 5 Wonderful Side Effects

I’ve had digestive issues for most of my life, and then, as I approached forty, my body changed. While my diet stayed pretty much the same, I started gaining weight and feeling nauseous all the time. Together with my old-time issues with constipation, I felt like I was losing control of my body.

I guess I got away with a lot when I was younger, but as we all know, when we get older, our bodies become less tolerable. 

I had to make some changes. I’ve been vegetarian on and off for many years, so I’ve decided to give veganism a try.

I talk a lot about my journey, but today I want to talk about how my body feels since I went vegan.

Going Vegan Made All the Difference for Me

My digestion issues were the main reason I went vegan. Today I can tell you that it worked.

I no longer suffer from constipation, and in fact, I feel like things are working like clockwork. Getting rid of waste and toxins is one of the most important things for maintaining good health. At the same time, it’s not a topic that comes up in conversation. It’s hard even to realize that something is wrong until it gets really bad. I never knew how bad I had it until my body finally started working properly. 

The nausea is gone. Walking around feeling nauseous and sick all the time is no fun. It took a little longer for the nauseous feeling to go away, but it did, and I got my quality of life back. 

And there’s more….

5 Wonderful Side Effects

  • I am more in control of my body and feel more connected to it. For years I felt uncomfortable inside my body. Going vegan brought me control, and now that I’m paying attention to what is good for me and what is not, I have a better understanding of my body’s needs.

  • I’m happier and more focused. Once I was in control of my body, I couldn’t erase the smile off my face. I felt like a winner. I nailed it! I now see a bright future for me with my newfound health.  Plus, now that I don’t have digestive issues troubling my mind, I can focus better.   

  • I have more energy. With fewer toxins in my body, all the energy that was once spent on digestion is available for me to use for whatever I want.

  • My skin became radiant. Before I went vegan, I had rosacea, and I used to break out often. Now it’s all behind me, and my skin is smoother and simply radiant. 

  • I lost weight. I didn’t expect to lose weight because I was already eating healthy. But it happened, and I can’t complain. :)

We Have the Power to Change Our Lives

If we’re not feeling well, we must do everything in our power to change it. While some things aren’t going to go away, we need to take care of what we can. We need to find the diet that works for us, and then make the change.

It may take time to figure everything out, and it may get challenging at times, but it will get easier, and it’ll be worth it.

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