Oy Vey Vegan Cookbook

Oy Vey Vegan Cookbook


153 Vegan recipes and mostly gluten-free (GF) or GF-optional recipes divided into breakfast & brunch, appetizers, spreads & side dishes, soups & salads, burgers & patties, main dishes, pasta and desserts.

Oy Vey Vegan is a labor of love, combining passion, creativity and curiosity for the fascinating vegan world of plant-based foods. You can create amazing vegan dishes. Complex in flavors, sophisticated yet simple to make. I wanted to share my own journey, and I feel that after much research, this is the way to go. Not only you will do good to the environment, you will do better for your own body by increasing level of energy, reduce risk for cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Studies show that people who eat vegan are healthier, leaner, and live longer. And to be honest, it is so much tastier. 

This book is a fabulous mix of recipes from different cuisines from around the world from Mediterranean to Asian, to Indian, Romanian and so much more. It is a great gift for someone you love and care about.

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