9 Ways Fruit & Vegetables Can Make Your Dinner Table Absolutely Gorgeous

Did you ever think of fruit and vegetables as magic markers that can make your dinner table sparkle?

I love fruit and vegetables… you may have figured it out by now ;-)

I love how tasty they are and how good they are for our body, but really, fruit and vegetables can do so much more.

Fruit & Veggies = Glam!


You’ll be surprised how naturally those colorful vegetables add glam to a blend table. Imagine a dinner table with say, a casserole, some bread, and rice or pasta. pretty blend, right? Now add to it a fresh veggie plate (for example, bell peppers, cucumbers, and carrots) plus a roasted vegetable dish (for example, roasted broccoli). Instant color, instant glam.

Plus, veggie plates (roasted, pickled or fresh) are an easy and quick addition to any table whether it’s your dinner table, lunch or when you’re hosting an event.

Cheese Board Baked Vegan Feta with Fruit Vegetables Nuts.jpg

9 Ways to Add Fruit & Vegetables to Your Dinner Table to Make It Absolutely Gorgeous

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to serve veggies and make your table and plate gorgeous, inviting and delicious!

1. Serve Veggies On Large Flat Platters

I love serving veggies on large flat platters, it looks festive, elegant, and sophisticated. The large platter also allows room for a dip or soft cheese on the plate.

vegetables on flat platter with soft vegan cheese as dip.jpg

2. Serve Veggies with a Dip

The dip will make you eat more vegetables. Something about the combination of the dip with the crunchiness of the veggies just makes us keep biting. Plus, when you have different vegetables on your veggie plate, each of them is a new flavor when you combine it with the dip and so we keep exploring.

3. Use Exciting Combinations

By combining different veggies we create a new look and a new flavor.

One of the BEST combinations for a fresh veggie plate is: cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, celery sticks, mini colorful peppers and olives.

And here’s a great combination of roasted veggies: yams, eggplants, cauliflower, purple onions, garlic, and butternut squash.

exciting vegetable combination.jpg

4. Play with Colors

When creating a plate, mix up the colors. If you have the green veggies, don't put them next to each other, but separate them and put other colors in between such as colorful bell peppers, (yellow, red, green), fennel,and carrots for example.

5. Serve Cut, Shredded, Full

Some people like very few kinds veggies and so they need ways to break the boredom. Different serving options can help with this issue. For example, say your favorite veggie is cauliflower you can switch between whole roasted cauliflower and cauliflower florets. Or say you love Brussels sprouts, you can switch from roasted Brussels sprouts to fresh Brussels sprouts. Plus for fresh veggie plates you can serve whole veggies, sticks, slices, and so on.

6. Serve Roasted Vegetables with a Dressing or Sauce

Roasted veggies are perfect with dressing. For example roasted broccoli works great with a creamy cashew dressing and roasted cauliflower on a bed of green tahini is absolutely divine (both in looks and in flavor).

roasted cauliflower on green tahini.jpg

7. Coat Roasted Vegetables with A Spice Mix

So easy! Coat the veggies with olive oil then sprinkle them with your favorite spice to add more flavor and to make them look more appealing. You can use: zaatar, paprika, sumac, pepper, cayenne pepper, and so on.

Coat Roasted Vegetables - Sumac Roasted Vegetables .jpg

8. Use Unusual Vegetables

Try new veggies. One veggie I'm obsessed with lately, is fresh fennel! It has that crunch that I can't resist, (I LOVE crunchy food!) its low in calories and has that freshness that I LOVE! Other examples are jackfruit, watermelon radish, purple potatoes.

9. Play with the Way You Make It

There are so many ways to serve vegetables in a way that adds color to your table and interest to your menu. Serve veggies fresh, pickled, roasted, in a salad, as a pattie; really, the sky's the limit.

Try It!

So, mix it up, make it fun and enjoy how gorgeous your healthy table looks!