Oy Vey Vegan

Vegan cuisine with a Mediterranean flair

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This workshop teaches you to make delicious, healthy, authentic vegan-cheeses that are great for day to day as well as for entertaining; focuses on recipes with few and easy to find ingredients and offers clear, easy to follow instruction that even beginners can master; and goes beyond making the cheese and shows you how to host gorgeous vegan wine & cheese events for your vegan and non-vegan friends.

Entertaining in Style with Vegan Cheese is here to make being vegan/dairy-free easier. 


Estee Raviv

My love of cooking and healthy food has been inspired by a life filled with art, travel and a world of cultures and experiences, all shared with family and friends.

My name is Estee. Born in Israel, I grew up on the sandy shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Meals when I was young were influenced by flavors of the Middle East, along with my Jewish heritage and the Eastern European traditions of my Romanian mother – an incredible cook and hostess – and Polish father. My culinary experiences were further enriched by my family’s travels around the world, exposing me to wonderfully diverse foods and traditions.

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I'm often lucky enough to welcome people of all backgrounds with many dietary preferences into my home. For this reason, almost all of my recipes are gluten free or can be modified to work for those with a gluten intolerance.