Events + Classes

Estee offers an online workshop, team building events, cooking classes, and motivational speaking and cooking demos. Class size may vary according to space and location.  




Entertaining in style with vegan cheese Online workshop

This workshop teaches you to make delicious, healthy, authentic vegan-cheeses that are great for day to day as well as for entertaining; focuses on recipes with few and easy to find ingredients and offers clear, easy to follow instruction that even beginners can master; and goes beyond making the cheese and shows you how to host gorgeous vegan wine & cheese events for your vegan and non-vegan friends.

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Team Building Events

Team building events are a great way to connect and to keep your employees engaged through a fun, nourishing activity. Learn healthy life-style skills in groups while people enjoy the atmosphere, the food, and the learning all at the same time. 

Estee inspires new chefs in ways that people won't  stop talking about for weeks.


Cooking Classes

Cooking classes are a hit. Estee's classes are hands-on, with lots of laughter and amazing food. She offers great classes for beginners as well as for advanced cooks. Estee is fun, easy-going, and knowledgeable. Hear about her personal journey to a plant-based diet, with great tips and tricks, ideas for meal plans, and an exposure to new ingredients and techniques.  

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Guest Speaking Engagements

Estee will share her exciting journey and fascinating stories about going vegan and how it improved her well-being. Gain inspiration for a healthy, ethical lifestyle through a captivating and educational presentation.

Ask the questions about vegan cooking that you have always wanted to ask. Book signing at the end.