Black & Brown Rice Balls over Zucchini and Garbanzo Bean

Brown sweet rice is basically a brown sticky rice, excellent source of fiber, and amazing texture, similar to risotto just without the oil and the cheese. I love the black rice too because it's nutty and also sticky, so it is perfect for rice balls, it keeps its shape, and stay moist inside. The best place to buy this type of rice is at your local Asian supermarket.

I love the combination of zucchini, garbanzo bean and the rice balls. The different textures create a prefect balanced dish, that you want to keep eating until it's gone... It is a simple dish, light in calories, gluten free, and super tasty. 



1 cup brown sweet rice

1 cup black rice / forbidden rice

4 cups of water


6 zucchini, cubed

1/2 cup garbanzo bean, cooked

1 teaspoon Olive oil



1/4 cup Parsley, chopped

Sesame seeds, about 1 cups



Heat oven to 375° F

Cook the brown rice and black rice in water with a bit salt.

Set aside. Let it cool down.

Take a nonstick pan and add olive oil, zucchini, salt and pepper. Saute until tender. Add the garbanzo bean. 

Mix and Set aside. Start assembling the rice balls:

Take the smallest ice cream scoop and create an evenly sized balls. press tightly with wet hands. Then, roll half of the balls into the sesame bowl, and place them in a baking sheet lined with a parchment paper. Drizzle or brush the balls with olive oil and bake in the oven for about 15-20 minutes. Take a plate, pour the zucchini / garbanzo bean mixture, place the rice balls on top, garnish with parsley and serve.