Why We Need Probiotics From Food ?

For years, I suffered from bad digestion and didn’t have a clue why or what caused it. I always thought that this was just how my genetics worked and that there was really nothing to do. I visited the doctor several times and the only suggestion I received was medication--nobody ever tried to find the cause of the problem. If I had the knowledge I have today about how we can use food as preventative medicine and that my digestive problems could be reversed with dietary changes, I would have saved myself years of suffering. When our digestive systems don’t function properly, it affects every aspect of our lives-- our bodies are not balanced and we start having symptoms.
Acne, weight gain and depression, just to mention a few.
What are probiotics? Probiotics are the good bacteria in our digestive systems.
Why do we need them? Because they help promote healthy digestion as well as strong immune systems.
It also helps to lower blood pressure, weight loss and lower chances of getting kidney stones.
I always recommend getting the good bacteria from the right foods versus taking a supplement.

Solving this with fermented foods is the most natural way to line our digestive tract with good bacteria that not only will help with food absorption but will help fight off bad bacteria
My favorite fermented foods that I like to incorporate daily:
2. Kimchi
3. Tempeh
4. Miso
5. Komboucha
6. Pickles
7. Olives

Help yourself feel better with the right foods

Here is a recipe that contains fermented tempeh.
It's my go-to dish that combines everything you need for a great balanced meal:
roasted vegetables, pearl-barley (grain) and tempeh (fermented protein).
You can substitute the pearl-barley with rice for a gluten-free option.
It is always comforting to have several textures in your dish to make it more interesting to eat.
For some extra good bacteria you can add sauerkraut on top which will give it a perfect kick.