Quick Pickled Veggies

Pickled veggies are a must in every Mediterranean kitchen. 

They are crunchy, flavorful, and are a great addition to any meal as an appetizer, or even a snack.

My boys in particular love pickles and what can be better then a quick recipe that is as good as the 2-week one? I wrote in the recipe that it's ready after 24 hours, but honestly, even after 8-10 hours it's delicious. As long as you mix it really well and you turn the bag or the cotainer few times so all the veggies gets the lemon/salt mixture evenly, you will be good to go.

You can also use those pickles in a kale salad. Cut your kale very thin, and take a cup of the pickles and chop them too. Mix them together, add some pepper and some olive oil and you've got the most amazing salad.



1 medium cauliflower separated into flowers 

1 yellow pepper cut into stripes

1 red pepper cut into stripes

1 fennel sliced into circles

1 cup of mini carrots

About 2 teaspoons salt

Juice of 2 lemons



Take a container with lid or a large ziplock bag. Put all the prepared veggies inside. Pour the lemon juice on top and sprinkle with the salt. Shake the container, and put in the fridge for it to pickle overnight. In the morning shake again and turn the container upside down to cover the veggies evenly  in the lemon/salt mixture. After 24 hours, (or even before), it's ready. Great addition to any meal, and great as a snack.

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