Moving our bodies is an instant mood elevator + game changer

Can you relate to the feeling of happiness after you move your body? And it doesn’t need to be something extreme at all! Jogging, walking, yoga, pilates, tennis or whatever you like--usually people have a big smile on their face while doing it:) Speaking from experience, I feel that on days that I work out in the morning, I am so productive throughout the day, my brain is more sharp, I am happier, I feel stronger and I find myself eating more intentionally. Contrastingly, on days that I work in my office all day, without exercising first thing, I will crave food and snack all day long and my mood won’t be it's best.
Getting our bodies to move is a win-win situation, even in days that we feel tired and weak.
Exercising will actually generate energy in our bodies and will help us perform better in every field--whether you are a stay-at-home mom or work outside the house.
The strong connection between mind and body is critical, so even by going for a walk and relieving some stress, (because everyone has stress) it can help your day be so much better. I’m not talking about the physical health benefits yet - this is a bonus! Did you know that by strengthening your muscles, your body actually burns more calories while resting or sleeping, meaning you can basically sleep and lose weight? Who doesn’t love that?