Home-Made Tea-Bags

This is a great project to do with your kids around the holidays—when it's cold outside and all you want to do is drink warm, cozy tea. I am always tempted to buy loose tea, but get lazy to use it when instead I have ready-made tea bags. But, I love the fact that that the loose tea has so many gourmet and unique flavors, that make the tea so festive and elegant. Making this project was fun and unbelievably successful in my house. My boys were all over it, and could not stop drinking it—my little one even asked to take his tea to school. They added some agave, and enjoyed every sip. Not only does it look so cute, but it is pure deliciousness! A great ending to any meal, and good for your 5:00 o'clock tea break too.

You can buy a simple glass jar and fill it up with homemade tea bags to give a beautiful holiday gift. Cheers!



Coffee filters

Loose tea of your liking

Cotton cooking twine




Take a 1 tablespoon measuring cup.

Pour 1 tablespoon in the center of a coffee filter. Cut a few strings of the cooking twine and tie around the coffee filter like a little ball. It looks beautiful and can make a great holiday gift.